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Modern Horizons 3 PREORDERS OPEN NOW!

Modern Horizons 3 PREORDERS OPEN NOW!

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Modern Horizons 3 Product Line

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Unlock the Horizons

Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to Modern, one of Magic's most celebrated formats. Whether your players haven't picked up a set in a while or are card-slinging veterans, there's something for everyone to love.

Preordered Modern Horizons 3 Products will be available Friday June 7th. 


PLAY BOOSTERS - Your perfect combination of Draft Boosters and Set Boosters.

Collector Boosters - Packed with foils and special treatments that are sure to add flair to any player's favorite deck.

Commander Decks - Each 100-card ready-to-play Modern Horizons 3 Commander Deck makes it easy for Commander fans in your store to grab a deck and play right away.

Collector Edition Commander Decks - With this special Collector's Edition, every card has a brand-new foil treatment, and every deck contains two Borderless Profile cards. Get your players to elevate their Commander games to the ultimate tier and make every victory shine.

Bundles - Contains a little bit of everything to build and refine your players' favorite decks, plus an oversized Spindown life counter themed after the set. 

Prerelease Kits - Contains 6 play boosters, 1 foil stamped prerelease card and 1 spine down die.

Shipping your preordered Modern Horizons 3

Preorders will ship by June 7th. Once shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

Preorders run while supplies last. Pricing and availability subject to change. 

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