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Curious about Lorcana? Already a player but want to know our hot takes on some of the meta and cards of this great game from Ravensburger? Well, hop on into this article from our staff member Ryan! Currently, Ryan is playing an Amber/ Steel song deck. Here is what he has to say about locations and some key cards:

Playing Lorcana during the first two sets was pretty straightforward forward trying to get your characters out, sing those songs, and be the first to twenty lore. After playing against nothing but Ruby/Amethyst decks and getting blown out by Maleficent - Dragon it seemed like Ravensburger had to come up with something new to help shift the meta. Set three Into the Inklands introduced not only a new rule (moving damage) but a new kind of card called a Location which has abilities that they can add to a character depending on whether or not that character is attached to them. Locations have a defensive stat as well as a cost to move your characters there. They can even gain you lore during your turns! 

Jim Hawkins is a new character from this set that allows you to play a location from your hand for free and also attach himself to that location. Playing something like Mirror Chamber or RLS Legacy off of Jim are just a few locations that can start to become overwhelming once they're in play. With this set having so many different ones it allows the players to test out new decks and put those crazy ideas into motion. Besides locations Into the Inklands gave us a new Ursula card that has some disgusting abilities when paired with the correct cards. Ursula - Deceiver of All, can sing a song and then play that same song card for free without using extra ink and placing it at the bottom of your deck rather than the discard pile. Pairing her up with Bare Necessities to pick apart your opponent's hand or even Mother Knows Best to bounce a character to their owner's hand twice can set someone back just enough to pull out a win. With all this talk about Ursula the new Lorcana set, Ursula's Revenge, releases May 17* at your LGS. A new card from that set, Ursula - Sea Witch Queen, can be put into a control build not allowing other characters to be exerted making ink way more precious than it already is.

Here are a few cards Ryan mentioned:

Jim Hawkins - Space TravelerRLS Legacy - Solar GalleonThe Bare Necessities

Thanks for that Ryan!

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