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Want cash for your cards?!

Sell your Cards in 6 Easy Steps!

Sell your Trading Cards!

Step 1 - Prepare your Cards

Local or want to sell in person? No Problem! Skip these steps and look above for our contact info!


Take pictures, create a spreadsheet, and/or catalogue your cards in a way that we can see what you're looking to sell.

Take note of any conditions, foiling, special printings or non-english language. We will assume the cards are Near-Mint otherwise.

Don't want to Catalog everything? You can skip this and go straight to step 4.

Step 2 - Contact Us via Email, Instagram, or Facebook

Contact us via whichever service is the easiest for you!

Email: support@finchandsparrowgames.com

Instagram: @Finch_and_Sparrow_Games

Facebook: @FinchandSparrowGames

Send us your list/pictures.

Step 3 - Receive an Initial Offer

Step 4 - Send us Your Cards!

Visit us in-store or send us your cards if you accept our initial offer.

We will send you instructions on how/where to send the package.

Step 5 - Verification and Finalization

Once we receive your cards, we make sure conditions and quantities match your initial list and/or pictures.

We will finalize our offer based on this confirmation and make any adjustments as needed.

If you decide to not accept, we will send your cards back at our expense.

Do you buy Bulk?

Yes! We want to buy ALL of your Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon bulk!

Contact us for our current bulk rates.