Lorcana Store Championship!

Lorcana Store Championship!

Just yesterday we had our first ever Lorcana Store Championship! It was a well-fought battle between many of our locals and some new folks who had never been into our shop before! In the end, the Blue/Steel Player took 1st along with the  Champion Mat and one of the Stitch promos! 2nd Place won a play mat and a Stitch promo. The second-place player played an Amber/Ruby deck.

Each player had hard-fought battles throughout the tournament, some key cards to the blue/steel deck were the Giant Fairy Tinker Bells, Fishbone Quills, and of course the Strange but Special Belles. (The ability is you may ink an additional card from your hand per turn AND when you have 10+ ink in your well, Belle quests for 5 lore!)

Belle - Strange but Special-0

This powerhouse of a color combo was played by 5 players during this tournament! We also saw a lot of amber song action with sprinkles of ruby/amethyst bounce combos from the participants!

The deck list for the top two decks can be found here!

Congrats to all of our participants! Whether this was your first competitive event or your 85th, we are happy to have hosted and we will see you all for the next one!

Head over to our Instagram Page to see a photo of the Top 8 and Winners! (We said about the same things there but there is a photo of our top 8 and winners!)




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