Ursula's Return is on the Horzions

Ursula's Return is coming this weekend! We are very excited for this set! I have not seen too too much about this set because I was waiting until I had a proper moment to sit and review the cards and write about them for all of y'all! So after a brief viewing of the set here are some of my humble thoughts and opinions on some of the cards coming from Ursula's Return!!! Please enjoy! (The entire set was spoiled last week so if you are looking to see the cards for your set before this weekend head over here.)


The first card I would like to touch on is Yen Sid, Powerful Sorcerer (see what they did there)


This is one of my favorite characters! First from Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 but most recently from the Disneyland show: Mickey and the Magical Map. He also dawns one of Disney's most Iconic headpieces, the Sorcerer's Hat! Now I am not quite sure if this card will get too too much play considering its abilities strictly rely on the Magic Brooms, its flavor alone makes me want to make a Magic Broom/Yen Sid deck! Plus look how cool this enchanted card art is! 

While this set is very Little Mermaid heavy, we are seeing A LOT of Encanto cards too, I believe we are getting ALL of the Madrigal family in some form of a card. Some cards to look forward to from that movie are: Bruno Madrigal - Out of the Shadows is going to fit right into the current meta. I think that the song card Look at This Family is going to be an interesting addition to some Song-centric decks. Casa Madrigal looks to also be a strong card to maybe deter your opponents from hitting your creatures, but keeping it there for a few turns will get you lore without having to do too too much, I think that payoff alone we will see a little bit of action from this card getting slotted into some decks. All in all the Encanto movie is coming into this game strong with some pretty decent cards with some pretty decent abilities.

Another movie that is getting some heavy print in this set is Hercules. One card that stood out to me from this movie franchise was Hera - Queen of the Gods.  Her ability to give Hercules and Zeus extra keywords seems pretty strong for an inkable 3 drop. Also just having Ward herself will make her very annoying to get rid of if you are only using her for her static abilities for Hercules or Zeus. She quests for 2 which can also be very helpful. Giving the new Hercules - Daring Demigod Evasive along with his 2 other keywords can make that 5 drop inkable ALMOST worth it? Truly only if your opponent has a pesky evasive character out that you can't seem to get rid of, that is the only time I think it would be worth it to run both of these mentioned cards. The last card from this movie set I think might see some play is the Philocetes - No-Nonscense Instructor. If you are running multiple Hercules or Hero's in general this Phil card can be very helpful.

The last one I would like to mention is the one that I know a lot of people are looking forward to the most, Ursula - Sea Witch Queen. This card can and will be shutting down Steel/Song decks. This card is going to be a sure addition to any amethyst deck. It is, in my opinion too powerful to not add. Both abilities she has are sure to help you gain lore quickly and not let your opponents sing.

So there you have it, some of the cards that caught my eye from the Spoilers from the newest set coming this Friday! We are very excited to have a little product coming our way! We are also excited to have our starter deck sealed event this Friday for release! If you are looking to get your hands on some product or just play in a super fun casual event come on down to Finch and Sparrow Games on Friday the 17th of May! We will see all you Illumineers soon! 


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