Don't Be Sorry, Be Better - The Theft Mechanic in MTG

Hey y'all, today we have a little blog post from one of our staff members in the warehouse, Danny! 

If you’ve played a game with me in your pod you probably already know, that theft is the mechanic that I most enjoy! The reason theft became such a fun way of playing magic is due to the randomness that each game has. Since I’m playing different people each time each game is fresh and unique. I get to play cards I would normally not be able to use in my colors. My current theft commanders are Don Andres, the Renegade, who is more of a mean theft deck with the idea being knowing exactly what I want to steal and using it twice as good, and Etrata, Deadly Fugitive, she’s more a nice theft commander since what I take is random and can be the most powerful in your deck or just a basic land.

I always urge players to be as upfront about their decks, rule 0 is tough to explain but I always let my pods know what I do, what my strongest cards are, and if my deck has any infinite combos. I’d much rather win knowing that you all tried your best to stop me than win by being deceitful and callous. 

When it comes to what decks I like playing against with my theft decks it always comes down to people who use big spells. Most of the time I target players who I know have big nasty creatures with awesome enter-the-battlefield effects. At times though I target someone who I know has a couple of board wipes. Most times using their removal when you want it is better than when they want it. 

Theft deck's mortal enemy is anyone who uses Homeward Path, Trostani Discordant, and Brooding Saurian, as these give back all creatures to their owners. 

Some of my favorite theft cards are Breach the Multiverse, Minds Dilation (literally my pet card), and Ensnared by the Mara from the Doctor Who set. 

At the end of the day, you’re playing magic to have fun with friends. Be honest with what your decks can do! And steal the best cards from them and show them how to use them but better! 

Here are a few of the cards Danny mentioned in his post:

Homeward Path-0Etrata, Deadly Fugitive-0

Ensnared by the Mara-0Don Andres, the Renegade-0


If you are looking to make your own theft deck head over here! There you will find our inventory! Have fun scheming and theiving!

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