Modern Horizons 3 is on the Horizon - CONTAINS SPOILERS


Hey there team! It's Hunter. Like many of you who decided to click on this post, I too was curious about what is to come from the Modern Horizons 3 set, coming to shelves in June. Here are some of the spoilers and some thoughts and ideas for where they might go in my collection.

Starting off this little post here I want to touch on Phelia, Exuberant Shepard.

As far as Dogs go as a subtype, this will make your dog deck a little more interesting. Another thing that this would be great in is Legendary Creature or ETB Subtype decks. Blinking to get that great ETB effect yet again while also buffing this little puppy. Extraordinary in my opinion. I believe that this card will be stellar in either of those subtypes along with being a great commander itself. I have been dabbling with making a mono-white deck and this may have a spot in it. It makes me wonder how fun this doggo would be as a commander. I will be picking one up just in case I decide to make that mono-white deck.

While I do not think this card is stellar by any means, I felt the need to mention it because I do believe this is a FALSE king. Wilson, Refined Grizzly is the True King and I will not be saying anything further on the subject. Will I be picking this card up? NO. This will not be going into my collection, it has no place in my kingdom. 

This is a pretty amazing reprint. In a game of Commander, this can be very detrimental. The Dockside player will not be happy with this if they do not get their goblin out in time. This can also turn the game back to turn one for those decks that rely on their 0,1 or 2 drop artifacts that are making them mana. I might be picking this one up and slotting it into my Stella Lee deck just to see if it is a negative or a positive in that deck. do have a lot of 0 and 1 drop artifacts because I need to cast 3 spells each turn. SO this is a big MAYBE.

Some other cards that I will be picking up in the borderless reprint are the fetch lands, the friendly ones are getting a reprint with the retro-border, extended art, and the borderless treatment. Very excited about those.

I know everyone is very excited for the Eldrazis that are coming but I have never been one to lean toward that play style or even care for them. I will insert the cool portrait treatments that have been spoiled though.


So far these two new Eldrazis not only have cool portrait arts but the abilities that they gave them are going to make ANY and ALL Eldrazi subtype decks INSANE!

The last card I will share is the New Ajani! This looks like a great addition to any Naya or Boros Cat decks!

His alt only after one + is great, plus using your little cats he spawns makes it pretty easy to flip Ajani over to the planeswalker side! I will be picking this sweet new cat up BUT I have nowhere to put it yet so it will live in my binder until I build that cat deck. If you have a Jetmir, Nexus of Revels, or cat subtype deck it would be a purrrrfect add, or even a Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second OR OR a Rin and Seri, Inseparable deck, this will be a must-add to any of those!

All in all spoiler season for Modern Horizons 3 has just begun and I know there are SO many cards that will be spoiled soon but for now I leave you all with these spoilers and my thoughts on them. 

We are very excited for Modern Horizons 3 over here at Finch and Sparrow Games. Our preorders for this new set will be posted soon. Until then check out the singles we have from Modern Horizons and Modern Horizons 2! You can find our Modern Horizons singles here! Or if you are looking for Modern Horizons 2 you can find them here!

I hope you enjoyed this little spoiler post! Drop a comment on this post with what you are looking forward to from the new Modern Horizons 3 set coming out in June!

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