Welcome to our BLOG Page!

Welcome to our BLOG Page!

Hey y'all! Hunter here! I see you have made it to our sweet new blog page! This is the Finch and Sparrow Games Hub for all the store news! WELCOME! 

Now let me guide you through the rest of our cool new Blog pages *cue smooth Jazz* 

Here you will find all the cool posts about Magic the Gathering! This is where all our fun staff posts will be located, everything here will have to do with Magic the Gathering. Need some deck ideas or wanna learn about a card or two? Wanna see what combos are our favorite or what we are looking forward to in the next Magic the Gathering set? Well, this is the place for you, just click here and you will be led right over to our Magic The Gathering blog posts!

Here you will find all of our posts about Pokemon! Looking for a certain card or want to see what we think about a new set? Here you can find our latest posts about the Pokemon TCG!

Here you can dive into our Inkwell! Looking for some posts about Lorcana? Look no further, we got you covered, in ink that is! Here you will find all of our posts about Lorcana, Meta decks, deck ideas, thoughts on cards, and what is most anticipated from the upcoming sets! We might even post about some sweet events we have coming up! 

So there you have it! We have a blog and would love for y'all to read what we post and share what we post! If it wasn't clear as to where to go for what here are some more links to our various Blog postings:

Finch and Sparrow Games News

Magic the Gathering Blog Posts

Pokemon Blog Posts

Lorcana Blog Posts

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