Is Charizard the most loved Pokemon?


Hey y'all it's Hunter here, today I decided to do a bit of a dive into the world of Pokémon, here you will find my exposé on the one and only Charleszard, please enjoy:

Whether you are a fan of the show, the video games, the TCG, or just live on planet Earth, you know exactly what a Charizard is. How did this come to be? Why Charizard? Who Charizard? Where Charizard? How Charizard? Here are my thoughts, (backed by some facts) on how Charizard became the most loved Pokémon in the franchise.

Now before we get into my opinion here are some cold hard facts about the beloved giant lizard-dragon.

Charizard is the 3rd and final evolution of Charmander. (He does have other forms, Mega-Charizard X, Mega-Charizard Y, and Gigantamax Charzard, but for the sake of this article we will just be talking about the final evolution, base Charizard.)

While he is draconic in nature, he is not actually a dragon-type Pokémon. (Mega-Charizard X is but we are not here to discuss the likes of that one. Also for the sake of argument, he is a dragon. Looks like a dragon, breathes fire like a dragon... is a dragon.)

Charizard first appeared in the Red and Blue Video Games and is a Fire-Flying type Pokémon, even though he was not able to learn the move Fly until Pokémon Yellow. On another note, there are earlier arts of trainers riding him and I believe Ash also rides him at one point in the original anime series which was before the Pokémon Yellow game.

Anywhere you can find Pokémon, you are most likely to find a Charizard close by, in the anime series he is the second most reoccurring character just behind Ash Ketchum, the main character of the series. 

Now with all that being said, I truly believe that Charizard is the most loved Pokémon because who doesn't love a super cool-looking dragon? The orange and cream color of the Pokémon makes your eye follow wherever he may travel.

How can you not love his base set TCG move, Fire Spin? And the fact that he is only 5'7" really puts it in perspective that he is just like you and me. (I am 6'3" so I am actually taller than the average Charizard, but it does make him more relatable being 5'7".) Charizard has even had a life-sized statue put up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. If that isn't love for this Pokémon, I don't know what is! 

There are so many more things to be said about this 5'7" lovable, fire-flying dragon, not dragon. But I don't know what else I can say on the matter. He is one of a kind except for all the reprints he gets in the TCG and all the video games that come out each year. He is without a doubt, the most loved Pokémon of all time.

If you are looking for more information on Charizard click here and you will be led to a very in-depth video of Charizard.

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Charleszard is the most loved Pokémon in my personal opinion, and this article is to be taken with a grain of salt. With that being said please let us know in the comments or pm us on Instagram and tell us who you think is the most loved Pokémon and why, I will be reading every submission and comment. Thank you.

(The facts from this article come from many sources, Wikipedia, Bulbapedia, and my brain for the most part.)

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