Some Twilight Masquerade news!

Twilight Masquerade is finally out! We got our resident Pokemon player, Ervinn to give us some insight on this new set, please enjoy!

Pokémon TCG fans will finally be able to explore Kitakami in cardboard form for the first time (hopefully not the last), with new cards featuring Pokémon and characters from The Teal Mask expansion of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

With Twilight Masquerade continues a few trends that we've seen from the other Scarlet and Violet sets. Just like Temporal Forces back in March, Twilight Masquerade gives players even more new ACE SPEC and Pokémon ex cards. This set gives collectors over 50 secret rare cards to chase (including 32 with amazing alternate art).

With so many cards to collect, it almost seems hard to keep track of which cards everyone is excited about. But here are the top 3 cards you should be looking out for as you crack packs of Twilight Masquerade.

#3 Teal Mask Ogerpon ex 211/167
We can't talk about Twilight Masquerade without talking about Ogerpon, the mask-themed Legendary Pokémon that gives the set its theme. Between the 4 forms and alternate versions, and all the high-rarity alternative versions in the set, there is a massive 14 Ogerpon in Twilight Masquerade, with the Illustration Rare Teal Mask Ogerpon ex being the most wanted of them all.
From the collector's view, Teal Mask is the most recognizable of Ogrepon's four forms, which moves it to the top of the versions wanted.

From a player's view, Teal Mask Ogrepon ex has the most potential of all the versions of Ogrepon ex cards. With built-in energy acceleration and draw, the best part is that it also happens to hit Charizard ex for weakness.

#2 Eevee 188/167

With Evolving Skies just rotating out of Standard and the craze that any Eevee(lution) card brings, I'm sure people are itching for more Eevee-related content. Twilight Masquerade isn't that set but it does contain a lovely illustration art of the lovable Pokémon with 8 Eeveelutions! Can you guess which Eevee evolves into which?

#1 Carmine 217/167

In Pokémon sets like Scarlet & Violet Base Set and Paldea Evolved that don't feature any big, nostalgic Pokémon as Special Illustration Rares, the most valuable cards in the set have often been Supporter cards of female Trainers, like Miriam and Iono. That trend is set to continue with Carmine in Twilight Masquerade. And her card is playable in decks like Lugia VSTAR that need help setting up faster.

Those are the cards I think you should be on the lookout for when cracking packs from your local card shop a.k.a. Finch and Sparrow Games. Best of luck with either collecting or playing!
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