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Finch and Sparrow Games

CEDH - FULL PROXY - 8/27/23 11:00AM

CEDH - FULL PROXY - 8/27/23 11:00AM

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$40 Entry. Full Proxy Friendly. 11:00AM Start Time, Doors Open at 10:30AM. 


Top 4 prizing - 1 Unlimiteds Taiga, 1 Unlimited Badlands, 1 FWB Savannah, 1 FWB Bayou. Winner will have 1st pick, with remaining picks based on swiss standings. Prizing is guaranteed, additional prizing added at 41+ players.

Players NEED to have a digital version of their decklist available. Decklists will need to be submitted prior to Round 1. Any digital format is acceptable, including but not limited to Word Doc, Excel Sheet, Moxfield link, etc.  

Sam Lewis will be the head judge for the event. Tournament policies and procedures will be in place such that this event is run as closely as possible to "Competitive REL", given the nature of multiplayer tournaments versus standard 1v1 tournaments. The head judge ruling regarding policies and procedures will be considered final. Be prepared to play tight, and communicate with other players in the pod.

Tournament Info

Players will play 4 swiss rounds. We will cut to a Top 13. The player in 1st place during the swiss rounds gets a bye into the finals. The rest of the Top 13 will play out a semi find round with the winners playing in the finals. Highest seeded players will be first in turn order during elimination rounds. The Top 4 seating will be randomized.

Swiss rounds will be 75 minutes with 1 additional turn per player left in the pod after going to time. If there is not a winner, everyone in the pod will be awarded a draw. Wins will be worth 5 points, draws worth 1. Elimination rounds will be untimed, but slow play will be enforced, up to and including potential disqualification.

Turn order for elimination rounds will be based on swiss standings with the highest seed in the pod going first.

We will create as many 4 player pods as possible. In the event total attendance is not divisible by 4, there will will create some number of 3 player pods. This may negatively affect some strategies more than others, but we've determined that given the size of tournaments, this is overall an improvement compared to byes. 

Concessions - Due to the nature of multiplayer games, concessions can have a tremendous amount of impact on the game state. In order to prevent the misuse of game rules, a concessions can take place during the conceding player's main phase with a clear stack. If a player does concede, the turn will proceed by moving through the remaining steps and phases with appropriate priority passes. **NOTE: a player is free to leave at any time, for whatever reason. If there is an issue or question as to how this may affect the game, call for the judge and we will take the necessary steps to resolve things appropriately. 

Kingmaking, Spite Plays, Etc. - Everyone is expected to make plays that maximize their ability to win the game. That said, players can, and do, make sub-optimal plays and mistakes. Due to the nature of multiplayer games though, sometimes there are "coin-flip" or other similar decisions that must to be made in order to advance the game state. There is no way to set up rules to enforce certain types of game play that will not lead to unintended consequences regarding what is and isn't permissible. For that reason, we will not be making determinations regarding what is "okay" for a player to do, or not do, outside of what is legal by the mechanics of the game. For example, using Pact of Negation to stop a Turn 1 win, despite not having a way to pay for the upkeep cost is perfectly reasonable due to the eliminated player having a chance to receive 1 point for a draw if the game would come to that conclusion. This is by no means meant to present an exhaustive list Any issues regarding this policy cane be brought to the TO's attention. 

**Any changes or additions to this list will be announced prior to event start**


Start time 11:00AM, doors open at 10:30AM. 


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