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Pokemon Base Set Booster Packs

Pokemon Base Set Booster Packs

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Pokemon Pack

Pokemon Base Set Sealed Packs

A Heavy Pack is most likely to contain a holo, while with a Light Pack it is incredibly unlikely to contain a holo. These are not guaranteed and slight variations in package may account for differences in weight.

Heavy Packs are based on a weight of 21.00 grams or more. 
Light Packs are based on a weight of less than 21.00 grams.

***Disclaimer: Data above is not meant as a guideline to determine odds only. Finch and Sparrow Games makes no guarantees as to the contents of any particular Booster Pack. The packs listed as either Heavy or Light are based on the above thresholds. The exact logged weight will be indicated on the protective packaging of the Booster Pack. Due to the nature of this item, these purchases are all FINAL.***

Questions regarding this item? Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! 

Instagram Messenger: @finch_and_sparrow_games

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